They Speak Geek with Founder Helen Levinson

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The They Speak Geek site is created by journalism students collecting stories about women cracking the code of a male-dominated field. In a recent feature, Helen Levinson, founder of Indigo Interactive, discussed what led her into tech.

Working from the ground up, Levinson was raised to not take anything for granted and to work hard to achieve. The article discusses her familial background and her entrance into the tech world.

Addressing the issues she found in day-to-day workflow of an early job, Levinson recalls, “that’s kind of when I realized that I had to do something different, because I love technology.”

Ultimately, that's how Indigo came to focus on building custom workflow automation systems for accrediting agencies. The accreditation management systems Indigo Interactive builds stem from Levinson’s desire to improve processes with use of custom software and web applications.

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