Indigo Interactive launches first ever SaaS for Accreditation Workflow - Jura ®!

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Schaumburg, IL –-December 14, 2016 - - Indigo Interactive has officially launched another platform of the Jura accreditation management system, the first-ever SaaS (subscription-as-a-service) model for the higher-education accreditation industry. This platform was crafted by the Indigo team in an effort to streamline their custom software for mass use and began in 2013. Their beta version started in October 2015 and has now officially launched. The Jura approach is simple - a comprehensive online solution to manage accreditation actions while working within budgetary constraints.

Founder Helen Levinson states, “We've been fortunate to work with very large accrediting organizations to build custom software for their complex quality assurance process. With nearly two decades of accreditation and technology expertise, we are now able to offer smaller accrediting bodies a streamlined version at a very affordable cost. Jura has been purpose built to cover the entire accreditation workflow and provides many solutions to various agencies, no matter their size or budget. Jura not only has received high praise for its user experience and mobility, it's the most efficient product out in the accreditation market today.”

Jura is an idea that has been culminating for years. Accreditation agencies use a distinct process which relies heavily on an inefficient manual process using paper documents and excel sheets to carry out business. Indigo’s Jura® fulfills the need for an accreditation management system that’s affordable and now with this new platform, the FIRST and ONLY SaaS (software as a service) model specific to the accreditation industry. It is the only comprehensive solution for the accreditation industry.

About Indigo Interactive

Indigo Interactive creates dynamic software and web applications for accreditation and certification organizations. Their software solutions are the result of more than 15 years of experience in accreditation and over 20 years in technology. Their understanding of the complex accreditation process allows them to combine applications and platforms to solve many automation and efficiency challenges. Their systems are highly configurable and their workflows are purpose-built. For more information, visit

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