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Chicago's one of the most diversified economies in the world, with no single industry employing more than 14% of the workforce. This diversity extends to the city's innovation economy, with an eclectic mix of startups, categories, entrepreneurs, enterprise tech companies, STEM organizations, universities, and more making up the ecosystem. Recognizing inventors, disruptors, luminaries and newsmakers, Chicago Inno's 50 on Fire celebrates visionary individuals across Chicago's top industries. We had the honor of being nominated in the Marketing/Design/Development category.

2016 has been incredibly productive for Indigo Interactive. Our team released a new product, we continued with our internship program, and our Founder and VP of Product were invited to be mentors encouraging women in technology. We’re also proud to have collected some awards along the way. It’s a huge honor to be nominated as a finalist, especially considering the amazing company we were in. Thank you, Chicago Inno. We had a blast at the awards show!

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The list of the 150 nominees for Chicago Inno's 50 on Fire.
What you missed at the event

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