CAAHEP Summer Workshop

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Helen Levinson and Jamie Fiedler were invited to the 2015 CAAHEP Summer workshop in New Orleans, LA. There, some of our favorite clients were showcasing the accreditation management systems we have built for them. Our team was there for support and to showcase some of the new offerings CAAHEP provides to their COA's.

Jennifer Anderson Warwick of CoAEMSP demonstrated Indigo’s very own Site Visit Module to manage site visits that occur during the accreditation process. She describes that her team named the system, Magic, “because that’s what this system is, magic”. The Site Visit Module includes team building, expense reporting, document repository and applications as well as a CRM.

Helen Levinson showcased the Self Study and Site Visit Modules of NCOPE’s Accreditation Management System that allows for self studies to be completed by programs and reviewed by NCOPE’s volunteers. In addition, it allows the NCOPE staff to build their site visit teams and work with the program directors to set up the visit, alleviating former manual processes.

Levinson notes, “My favorite part was hearing someone announce to the room, ‘I want that!’ as I showcased NCOPE’s self study."

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