Indigo Interactive Attends the 2018 ACEN Conference

2018 ACEN Conference

Indigo Interactive Introduces MyACEN - a Jura® Product - at the 2018 Nursing Education Accreditation Conference

Indigo Interactive team members traveled to Atlanta, GA from July 12-14 to attend the first annual ACEN Nursing Accreditation Conference. Held at the Omni Hotel at the CNN Center, the conference was well-attended, informative, and inspiring. The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing continues to be a leader and advocate for high standards in the medical field, and we are proud to support their mission with our purpose-built software.

We loved meeting with nurses and nurse administrators to demonstrate the new Jura® Build Product created for ACEN’s accreditation process. It was helpful to be able to connect with so many future-users of the software, and to get feedback both about what they’re looking forward to, and what they have questions about. With over 9 hours of unopposed exhibit time, we were able to meet many attendees, including one who enthused that MyACEN was “the best thing since scanning!”

We heard from a number of folks about how the MyACEN will streamline their current application process, including many comments on “the ease of use and simplicity of the system”, the “ability to do all our site visit documents online”, and the “wonderful and streamlined”, “user-friendly” design. We’re thrilled that so many of our future end-users are excited about the MyACEN launch, and grateful that so many attendees took the time to check out a demo and give us their feedback.

The conference also gave us the opportunity to meet many other organizations that work in nursing education. We enjoyed getting to learn more about all the services available, and we hope to collaborate with some of the folks we met to better serve our clients in the medical field.

Thank you to ACEN for including us, and thank you to everyone who came up to say hello and check out a demo!

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