S o l u t i o n s Our products are built to simplify complex workflows.

A Unique Approach

We live in a time of unprecedented technological progress, but as productivity grows, so does the need for a comprehensive workflow that will reduce errors and missed deadlines. Our clients see the value in building a more efficient organization by automating tasks and reducing busywork. We know better than anyone that each organization is unique in its mission and goals, so our purpose-driven solutions, whether for accreditation management systems or compliance inspections, will address specific needs but remain responsive and flexible so the solution grows as your organization grows.

Smart & Savvy Industry Leaders

Our team is comprised of creative, passionate technologists with more than a half century of experience. We understand accreditation management and compliance processes and the challenges that come in building efficient organizations. As reputable leaders in the tech industry, our team of highly trained and insightful experts can work with any organization and easily adapt to their needs. We love seeing our customer faces light up when we are able to automate tedious tasks. Our high-touch customer-centric approach and support is the core of everything we do and sets us apart from other competitors in the field.

Purpose-Built Solutions

When we work with our customers, it's not just about technology solutions. It's about understanding your unique workflow, including how your customers and internal end users share and manage data. By taking the time to truly understand your business process, we're able to configure our solutions to meet your precise needs. We pride ourselves on creating automation solutions that are not only responsive, but provide the powerful data visualization that your organization needs to make sound decisions.

PURPOSE-BUILT Accreditation Management Software and Compliance Inspection Management Systems.

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Jura® has been developed in close collaboration with accreditation associations and certification agencies. The result is a flexible accreditation management system tuned to mirror your unique needs. The Jura® Platform has been in development for nearly two decades, and has already been proven robust and accreditation friendly. Jura® offers three platforms, designed to meet your organization's needs and budget.

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Loup™ assists medical centers, hospitals, and healthcare providers in compliance inspections. Our software helps your organization build, manage, and automate your compliance checklists. View real-time data collected against standards and storage requirements set forth by accrediting bodies. Loup™ has been developed by our team while working alongside many partners in the industry that require immediate access to compliance and safety data.

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Not sure what you need?

If you are just getting started and not entirely sure of your software needs, dont worry! Our consultants and strategic partners can help you identify the technology barriers that stand between you and a more efficient organization.

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