Meet the Team

We are passionate technologists that love building things together.

Why choose Us.

The business of running an organization today has progressed to a point of unprecedented convenience and speed. This has changed the way an organization operates because it has to cope with massive amounts of data pouring in daily and the need to react responsibly and immediately to changes. At Indigo Interactive, we work hard at helping organizations achieve the perfect working balance between technological advancement, creative input, and a cohesive, strong, and productive organization.

Our team of highly motivated and experienced designers, techies, and management experts work hard and treat you as our client with dignity and diligent attention. We don’t fast track products for a quick sale but spend time understanding the processes and requirements that will help increase the efficiency of your organization and your people. We believe in employee engagement, business success, and providing excellent service that will ultimately benefit the very people you serve.

Our Mission.

At Indigo Interactive, our main mission is to create dynamic software and web applications for quality assurance organizations in higher education accreditation and healthcare compliance. We have been in the business and following this objective for over 20 years and our expertise, process understanding and years of experience have taught us how to combine applications and platforms so you can maximize use of a purpose built automated system that will improve efficiency and productivity.

As a tech company, we make it our goal to know and intricately understand various and upcoming technologies that will translate into the best possible solution for you. We also adhere to a policy of exceptional standards in client support and will always pursue excellence in user-experience.

What we Do.

Indigo Interactive stands out because of what and how we manage software and web applications for accrediting agencies and certificate organizations. Throughout our years of extensive and intensive work in the tech industry, we make it a point to give every task, every product, every client our very best. We have worked with a wide-range of clients from varying industries and the results and testimonials speak for themselves. We take absolute and immeasurable pride in having been able to deliver the products our clients wanted and we can do the same for you.

Give us a call. Send us an email or come onboard for a chat. We would love to discuss options with you.

Meet the Team

Helen Levinson

Lindsey Dorcus

Dragana Sogura

Sita Laville

Ana Sainz

Dawn DeBlois

Cody Slager

Beki Strauser

Frank Uddin

Jon Marasigan

Kapil Sharma

John Coniff

Stephanie Kim

Amanda Abramski

Barbara Flood

Chardai Porter

Why do We Love Indigo Interactive?

Dawn DeBlois Testimonail

They don't let me have cats in the office, but they let me make cat posts, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
I’ve been with Indigo Interactive since its inception. I love our team and it's diversity of knowledge, and truly believe in our product.

Dawn Deblois Community Manager
Amanda Abramski Testimonails

Indigo Interactive is a great place to learn and grow as part of the company as well as for yourself.
Clients and team members make it a great place to work.

Amanda Abramski QA Engineer
Cody Slager Testimonails

Working with such a diverse and proficient team motivates me to perform better everyday.
Plus, they usually laugh at my jokes.

Cody Slager Senior UX Designer
Beki Strauser Testimonails

It's hard to imagine a more flexible working environment.
We're all encouraged to be ourselves and let our creativity and personalities show.

Beki Strauser Senior Web Developer
Chardai Porter Testimonails

Laid back environment comprised of innovative thinkers and self starters.
Everyone is very motivated and enjoys what they do.

Chardai Porter Help Desk Analyst
Dragana Sogura Testimonails

We are not a company that just talks about great solutions, but a family with a go-getter attitude
and a wicked sense of humor that strives on making those solutions happen.

Dragana Sogura Senior Project Manager