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Web based Accreditation Management Systems (AMS) and web based Certification Systems

Technology has hit the mainstream. With smartphones, tablets and other devices, it's no longer reserved for the "nerds and geeks" of the world!

It's also driving every aspect of how we do business.

Indigo Interactive creates dynamic software and web applications for accrediting agencies and certification organizations. Our expertise, experience and process understanding allows us to combine applications and platforms for unique solutions to your automation and efficiency challenges.

Jura ®

A Suite of Accreditation Management System Solutions

Accrediting organizations is often an enterprise-specific process that relies heavily on inefficient, manual methods. Indigo Interactive is proud to help organizations take efficiency to the next level. Features include:


Purpose Built Accreditation Management System Solutions

Our strong methodology and custom solution allows accrediting organizations to meet the business challenges associated with implementing fully functional accreditation management systems. Jura can provide a full suite of online accreditation tools—just share your process pain points with us and we’ll automate it for you. Simply contact us to learn more.

If you have budget constraints but need similar features of our custom solution, check out our subscription model at It’s the perfect solution for smaller agencies!

Fully Customized
Systems and dashboards reflect your well-honed processes. We fine-tune workflows in conjunction with your team members to help minimize learning curves and ensure ownership of the new system.
Mature Software

Jura has been in development for nearly two decades, and has already been proven robust and accreditation friendly. You just need to match the modules to your organization's needs.
Purpose-Built Workflows
 Jura has been developed in close collaboration with accreditation and certification agencies. The result is a flexible framework tuned to mirror your unique needs.



A unique approach. We apply an old, proven process from the lean manufacturing days together with an agile methodology to provide our solutions. By combining tried and true process with Agile project management, we’re able to more appropriately respond to unpredictability and assess project direction throughout the development lifecycle. This means a reduction in development costs and time to market for your business.

Smart and savvy industry leaders. Our team is comprised of creative, passionate technologists with more than a half century of experience. We understand your organization and its challenges, and we have an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of the software and technologies needed to create a custom solution that gets results for your business.

Truly purpose built solutions. When we work with our customers, it’s not just about technology solutions. It’s about understanding your unique workflow, plus how your customers and internal end users share and manage data. By taking the time to truly understand your business process, we’re able to configure our solutions to meet your precise needs.

Need a certification or accreditation management system solution? Contact us to learn more.

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